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This page is updated every now and then. Come back another time to see what I'm working on!


I recently launched Craft Makerspace and held our first party to hang out with friends and talk about our dreams for craft and tech educational e-spaces. We had many fun discussions and somehow I got really excited about a vegetable carving and pickling workshop. Just imagine a carrot carved to the shape of a dragon then pickled with mustard and chili seed! My brain cells still tingle thinking about it! If you would like to get involved by taking a free workshop, leading a workshop, or contributing to these types of conversations, come and visit!


Whew! It was so nice getting to see so many lovely friends from this last show! It had been a long time since I had given people hugs and it felt splendid to get back at it once again. I am in between projects now, so I will take this month to recharge by diving into my sketchbook. I will come back with updates for new work soon. :)


Hi all! Becoming Silt will be installed in Huguenot Flatwater Area in the James River Park System from 6/19 - 6/26. This work has been a total of 2 years in the making and is very near and dear to my heart. The installation features clay gathered from Richmond, bricks cobbled from rickety sidewalks, gravel made from broken bricks, welded hourglass structures, and a 3-yard weaving dyed with rust and partially woven with water-soluble thread. Over the course of the work's becoming the clay will dissolve into silt, steel will rust, and fabric will stiffen. Come and see it if you get the chance! Follow the map to find the works location.

During this work's installment in the park there will be a temporary e-installation on this page.
This show poster and map were designed by my lovely friend, Kim! Give her a huge shoutout!


My proposal for installing work in the James River Park System has just been approved by the city! I will be having a show in late June for one week. Stay tuned for dates and a location! Woohoo!


The ball is rolling! I have just been in contact with the James River Park System and it looks like I will be having a show in June!

My friend, Jason, recetly gifted me extra Richmond clay he filtered. I have been molding the clay into vessels to sit on top of my hourglass structure. I have been thiking about the time I went over to my dad's house and saw he had adopted a new kitchen item: a stainless steel water filter. I assumed that he would hand me glass of crisp water straight out of the silvery spicket. He proceeded to pull on a water spicket but this was a glass container filled with filtered water and Shungite (a carbon-rich rock common to Russia). Boy, was it fascinating to see him carry the water through an extensive and slow process. By sipping on my glass, my body felt like it was acclimating drip by drip to the geological makeup of home. Soon, I was reminded how filtering things by hand and with people, could bring us closer to adopting different notions of time and help us establish a greater bodily realtionship to place. Since then, I have been sipping on good ol' spring water found in Richmond.

I welded more steel structures! Busy work makes for a hungry gal. Keep an eye out for these to make an appearance in Richmond, VA soon!


I am in the process of welding steel hourglass structures for continuing a piece titled "becoming silt". Here is what I have so far:

I have a small store if you are interested in buying my work or trading with me! Come on in and shop or barter, or both!