Community Projects

Natural Dye Color Guide, 2023
A Zine published by Envelope

Natural Dye Color Guide is a reference book for your next natural dye project. This book was created from a class taught by Christina Sadovnikov at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond, VA and archives 16 different natural dyes and their mordant variations. This book was edited by Mauricio Vargas and published by Envelope. To recieve a copy please email

Molding an Inner Landscape, 2023
Workshop part of the Feralpy Exhibtion at Flux Factory

Molding an Inner Landscape was a three hour workshop for the exhibition Feralpy held through Flux Factory at Governors Island in New York City. Participants were led through a guided meditation where they developed their own peaceful inner landscapes, drew them out on paper, pulverized them, and formed them into stones - mimicking the process of the rock cycle. The rocks were shown as part of the exhibition. At the end, partipants got to take home their stones to serve as trail markers to return to their inner landscapes once again.

Milking the Grid, 2023
City-Wide Art Exhibition and Interactive Map

Foot Fault, 2022
Art Exhibition co-organized with Nads Nemann

Foot Fault
was a one-day exhibtion in August held at an abandoned tennis court. It featured over 20 artists locally and nationwide. The title of the show came whe we visited this site; a neglected tennis court with trees growing through cracks and kudzu consuming the court. The name for the show, “foot fault”, is a tennis term used when the server steps out of bounds when making the first move. This suited what we wanted for the exhibtion; a space for friends to show work that didn’t necessarily fit in a white-walled institutional setting. Many of these works came from bedrooms, were works in progress or made specifically for the site. 

Out of the Pond, 2022
Art Exhibition co-organized with Stefan Schercook

Out of the Pond was a series of art exhibtions, dinner parties, and noise performances for three consecutive weekends in June.  It featured artists nationwide who exhibited their work throughout Stefan’s farm property. 

Dusk til Dawn, 2022
DJ Dance Event co-organized with Mark, Ben Matoon, and Mauricio Vargas

poster design by Mauricio Vargas

Dusk til Dawn was an all-night dance party in October featuring four 2-hr long DJ sets. People were encouraged to dress up and dance until music stopped. Over 50 people attended dressed up as mushrooms, fairy princesses, bedazzled cowboys, and masked creatures. 

Craft Makerspace Zine, 2021
A collaborative cookbook zine featuring 11 different artists and edited by Christina Sadovnikov.

Craft Makerspace Cookbook is a collection of recipes from 11 different artists, makers, activists, designers, and land stewards. Recipes featured in this zine range from scrap baskets to tchotchke salads. This is an informative, quirky, and wholesome read for anyone who enjoys concocting all things inedible. To get a free copy of the online pdf please email

You Are Here, 2021
Outdoor Workshops co-organized with Anya Shcherbakova

poster designed by Christina and Anya

photos courtesy of Emily 

You Are Here was a series of four workshops held for a day in Chimborazo Park. The workshops were centered around ways of navigating space by looking through the lenses of technology, ecology, and bodily awareness. At the end of the workshop, we watched the sunset together and drank mushroom hot cocoa.